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Our cakes are made from scratch with only the finest ingredients. All flavors are a tad less sweet than the average cake, but pack a powerful punch of flavor. We believe that every cake should taste just as delicious as it is beautiful! 

Looking for Gluten Free?

All our cake flavors can be made gluten free at an additional charge.

Vanilla -

Vanilla cake with white vanilla Italian buttercream.

Vanilla + Berries -

Vanilla cake with white vanilla Italian buttercream, with two layers of fresh raspberries.

London Fog -

Vanilla cake with Earl Grey Italian buttercream.

Almond Vanilla -

Vanilla cake with Almond Italian buttercream.

Velvet -

Vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting.

Lemon Lavender Poppy Seed-

Tart lemon cake with lavender poppyseed Italian buttercream.

Ginger Lemon -

Spicy ginger cake with crystalized ginger pieces and lemon cream cheese frosting.

Carrot -

Traditional spiced carrot cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

*Does not contain nuts or raisins.

Chocolate Chip -

Vanilla chocolate chip cake with molasses Italian buttercream.

Chocolate -

Chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache and chocolate Italian buttercream.

Black + White -

Chocolate cake with white vanilla Italian buttercream, and one layer of fresh raspberries.

Mexican Spiced Chocolate - 

Chocolate cake with chili cinnamon ganache and chocolate Italian buttercream.

Chocolate Espresso -

Chocolate cake with espresso Italian buttercream.

Mix and Match

Cake Flavors:​

  • Vanilla Cake.

  • Spicy Ginger Cake.

  • Tart Lemon Cake.

  • Chocolate Chip Cake

  • Carrot Cake

  • Chocolate Cake.


  • Vanilla Italian Buttercream.

  • Earl Grey Italian Buttercream.

  • Lavender Poppy Seed Italian Buttercream.

  • Almond Italian Buttercream.

  • Molasses Italian Buttercream.

  • Fresh Berries can be added to any buttercream filling.

  • Cream Cheese Frosting.

  • Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting.

  • Chocolate Italian Buttercream.

  • Espresso Italian Buttercream.

  • Chocolate Ganache.

  • Chili + Cinnamon Ganache.

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